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Pet Hospitality Services

At Animalcare Veterinary Hospital, we understand that your pet is a family member, and we strive to provide both excellent service to you and quality care for your pet. When the need arises, there is no better place to groom or leave your pet than with the staff at Animalcare. We offer a wide range of comprehensive boarding services with first-class accommodations and a full-service pet grooming program for all breeds of dogs and cats with optional add-ons to really pamper your pet.


Although our kennels are designed primarily for keeping sick animals, we do offer boarding to your pets on a limited, first-come first-served, space-availability basis. Please check for space availability before you arrive, as especially during holiday periods we may not be able to accept your pet for boarding.

When pets arrive at the hospital, they may be treated to kill any fleas or ticks that may be on them and they may get a bath (at the client’s expense). After boarding for a specified number of days dogs receive a complimentary bath the day they go home.

All boarding animals are fed standard pet food unless you request otherwise. If they are on a special diet just bring it with them and we will be happy to accommodate their special needs.

We have x stainless steel cages and y larger “outside” kennels. We have kennel staff that keep the kennels clean and look after your pets while they stay with us. The cages and kennels are disinfected after each pet so your pet is always in a clean, sanitized environment.

We do not have a separate cat ward but experience has shown that cats quickly adjust to being caged in the same room as dogs.


We offer a full-service pet grooming program for all breeds of dogs. Our groomer is skilled in all trimming styles, including kennel and pattern clips.

All dogs will receive:

  • A thorough bath
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail trim
  • Anal sac expression (if necessary)
  • Brush out or style trim of your choice

Prices are based on the trimming style desired, size, length, and condition of the coat and any behavioural issues. Note that charges can be significantly higher for dogs that are not regularly groomed and are presented with matted coats.

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