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Jaleel Lynch

Jaleel grew up around animals and developed a love for them. When the opportunity came around for him to work at Animalcare he jumped for it, and despite the at times hectic, chaotic environment in which he works, he still feels he made the right decision. Jaleel says, “as an assistant you have to exercise […]

Hubert Pilliner

Hubert sees his future in owning his own business and decided over 3 years ago that Animalcare Veterinary Hospital could be one of those building blocks that will enable him construct a successful life based on hard work and devotion to duty. He says that above all else, he works to makes his young son […]

Rolando Henry

Rolando joined Animalcare Veterinary Hospital in November, 2012. As an experienced veterinary assistant, Rolando spends a lot of his time assisting our veterinarians, and has the practical competence of a technician. Rolando says, “At Animalcare I have the opportunity to interact with different people and their pets. I get many opportunities to learn more about […]

Venessa Leslie

Ven has been working at Animalcare Veterinary Hospital since 20xx. She was only 18 (?) when she arrived, full of willingness, but with almost no experience working with cats and dogs. Her love of pets quickly transformed her into a solid member of the patient care team and today she is able to do much […]

Renee Ellison

Renee is an animal lover by nature. As a teenager she often volunteered at the JSPCA and she had no doubts about going to CASE where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. She wants to one day go back to school and become a vet, but if that doesn’t work out, she plans […]

Sherepha Taylor

A Clarendonian who was never far from animals, Sherepha studied veterinary technology at C.A.S.E.  before joining the Animalcare “we love the animals” team. With a passion for public speaking and social media, when not working with animals, she has become the person behind our presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Sherepha also often doubles at […]

Oraine Williams

Oraine Williams is one of Animalcare Veterinary Hospital’s Veterinary Technicians. He is also a Junior Supervisor.In addition to assisting veterinarians with examinations, conducting routine laboratory testing and administering medication, he is also responsible for supervising veterinary technicians and assistants. He says, “The best part of my job is being able to help animals in distress […]

Kenroy Hamilton

We like to joke that Kenroy is a robot, as he is about as conscientious as a human can be and never seems to run out of steam. He grew up in deep rural Jamaica where he developed close bonds with the environment and especially the animals which surrounded him. He absolutely loves goats. Unfortunately, […]